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The bicep, forearm, and even the calf can work well for clock pieces. Your recovery from alcohol is a very personal process, and in several cases, your tattoo is as well. There are a few tattoo ideas that are universal, however, for recovering alcoholics.

  • The AA triangle is such a geometric recovery piece and can be done by someone who is trying to lead a sober life.
  • Thus, finding a well-reviewed and highly qualified artist is an essential part of your process to getting a sobriety tattoo.
  • You can work with your artist to make changes in rendering that will personalize your unique version of the pattern.
  • Choosing to overcome addiction marks an important moment in a person’s life.
  • For many individuals, a sobriety tattoo is also a way to symbolize the hard work that goes into maintaining a life free from drugs and alcohol.

A treble clef with a cross built in on the back of my arm (music/spirituality play a huge part in my recovery). Each teardrop represents one murder, which could make other inmates scared of violent and dominant inmates if they have some of those. Et me tell you, 5% of the people do what it takes to get what they want. Though this may not seem like much of a hassle to a non-addict, the struggle is real and the overcoming, a great victory. Jennifer is a prolific writer with over 10 years of experience in online writing.

Best Beautiful Word Tattoo Ideas That Will…

He likes to write ” How to” articles and loves helping people with his informative posts. Jamie has over 10 years experience as both a journalist and professional tattooist, working for some of the biggest brands in the UK. He has completed a BA in English, a NCTJ in Journalism and a BTEC level 4 in Art & Tattoo Design. If you would like to know more about Jamie or further details on our editorial policy then just click the links in the footer. Many people have lost their families, money, reputation, and eventually their life in this dangerous thing. Some people learn and take lessons from these mistakes, while others still march on this mad parade of addiction. The designs for sale in this online store are delivered in the form of an immediately downloadable PDF.

What does tattoo 444 mean?

"444" can be interpreted as small blessings that guardian angels send to help us through rough times. The “444” specifically refers to passion and ambition.

I have already had a rather crazy twisty turny journey since that moment and walking out that door. Not sure what I will go for but I think the perfect idea will come to me, it will probably include a dandelion. Jason, like many others, got his tattoo to remind him of the struggles he went through in his addiction and, most importantly, how he overcame them. For Jason, it’s a symbol of his “strength and determination. It’s a symbol of how hard my life used to be, but how I made it to the other side into recovery.” It’s a reminder of his ability to change the worst things about himself. She has struggled with addiction to drugs and alcohol and entered Alcoholics Anonymous, whose 12-step program involves acknowledging a higher power.

What does a teardrop tattoo mean on a woman?

The tattoo size may vary from small to large and totally depends on the tattooer. Another tattoo you might find on recovering alcoholics is the triangle. This is a symbol of an equilateral triangle, and it may also feature a circle around the triangle. The triangle represents the legacies of AA, which include unity, recovery, and service. The circle is meant to represent AA itself or the community that is available to support you through your journey. Placement of the triangle symbol is very diverse given the simplicity of the logo. You could choose to tat this as a standalone piece or a hidden symbol with a larger piece or sleeve work.

What symbolizes resilience?

The helix shape (or spiral) is a symbol of resilience. It is found throughout nature.

© 2023 | Find Addiction Rehabs Find Addiction Rehabs is not a medical provider or treatment facility and does not provide medical advice. If you or a loved one is struggling with addiction and are looking for ways to start your recovery process, know that you are not alone, and help IS available. Triangles are a very common symbol that may be used by a recovering alcoholic. One of the most ethereal creations of nature is the butterfly which is often used as a sobriety tattoo design. To become a butterfly, the caterpillar has to go through several stages, and this process is called metamorphosis. Pat Fish has specialized in Celtic tattooing since 1984, and has designed each original image in this collection specifically to be an effective tattoo.

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Many sobriety tattoos that choose to get one feel that the tattoo serves as a permanent reminder of the commitment to a stable, sober lifestyle. Additionally, looking at the chosen wording or symbol can help them get through moments of weakness or reach out to a sponsor. If you want to document the exact time you made the choice to fight your addiction, a clock with a date can be a great reminder of when you made your courageous decision. This tattoo can take many shapes and sizes, but since a clock with a time and date is fairly discreet, you can choose to make this a larger tattoo. This will allow you to get fairly decorative with the artistic elements in your recovery piece and still have a great reminder of your choice for a different path.


In general, however, Medusa tattoos are a symbol of survival, often from sexual abuse, sexual assault or rape. For some, the significance of Medusa is simply meant to ward off evil and negativity in general.

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